Bike Tour in Art Village

There is a village in the Gressoney Valley where time has stood still, an oasis of peace away from today's busy city environment. Among vineyards, chestnut woods and orchards, the village of Chemp stands on a hill of rocks smoothed by glaciers, and right within the walls of these houses, you will find an open-air... Continue Reading →

Culture & Taste Bike Tour

At the center of the lower Aosta Valley, there is a fortress created to defend the Valley: the Fort Bard. It has remained almost intact since its construction, one of the best examples of a barrier fortress of the early nineteenth century. But the lower Aosta Valley is not only a territory rich in history... Continue Reading →

Tour de Comagna

A tour between two valleys, from Col de Joux to the ancient Bechaz gold mine in Ayas Valley, to admire the spectacle of the Alps and the Aosta Valley. An easy itinerary that will lead us to discover the ancient Bechaz mine passing through the uncrowed Tzecore Hill, made famous in recent years by the... Continue Reading →

Fast Bike Tour

If you have limited time but do not want to give up a bike ride, here is a section designed specifically for this need. Short tours of a few hours that will allow you to visit fantastic and perhaps little known places in Valle d'Aosta. 01 - Ancient Arnad Arnad is not only the country... Continue Reading →

Bike Tour Tailor Made

Discover the territory of the Aosta Valley at your own pleasure but without having to think about anything. Our goal is to make you have fun in the mountains without stress. If you have a special wish or a trip you don't want to give up, contact us directly, we will be happy to organize... Continue Reading →

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